Open-source software for
designing, documenting and reproducing
biological experiments

virtual laboratory

ProtocolNavigator is a
virtual laboratory environment
that promote reproducibility of biological experiments and reuse of experimental data. Here instead of form filling or workflow building, researchers can
their real life laboratory activities and based on the emulation, the
design of the experiment
is automatically drawn on the canvas as a
. This map can be shared with collaborators and
through this interactive map another researcher can not only
experimental details but also can
and identify activity variation - a fundamental requirement for
. Moreover visualising experimental data within the map improves
and contextualisation which in turn facilitates data
. Temporal scaling and pictorial representation of activities facilitate collaborators from other disciplines to overcome the disciplinary jargons - a core barrier for
interdisciplinary research

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Developed by

Cardiff University      Broad Institute

Funded by

The development of ProtocolNavigator was done under a research grant of the European Union (Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship "Cellular Informatics").

European Research Commission

Additional funding and support for the ProtocolNavigator project has been provided by:

National Institutes of Health    Human Frontier Science Program    Union for International Cancer Control    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council