Open-source software for
designing, documenting and reproducing
biological experiments

We welcome your contributions, comments and criticisms to make ProtocolNavigator better

At present ProtocolNavigator support common experimental features and instruments of cell biology research. However, we aim to increase the list of features and instruments by working with the users. In this context we would like to reaffirm that the underpinning data model of ProtocolNavigator can be parsed and transformed according to users demand (e.g. from current text file format to JSON like file format). Therefore your contribution and comments are important. If you want to include new instrument, material into ProtocolNavigator please contact Imtiaz Khan


ProtocolNavigator is a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional initiative. Following people contributed to the design, development and use of ProtocolNavigator.

Lead imtiaz_khan Imtiaz Khan
As a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow he led the design and development of ProtocolNavigator at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard & Cardiff University. CV
rachel_errington Rachel Errington
anne_carpenter Anne Carpenter
paul_smith Paul Smith
mark_bray Mark Anthony Bray
victoria_griesoorn Victoria Griesoorn
Software Development adam_fraser Adam Fraser
anne_carpenter Lee Kamentsky
vebjorn_ljosa vebjorn Ljosa
Visualisation bang_wong Bang Wong
noam_shoresh Noam Shoresh
virginie_uhlmann Virginie Uhlmann
Instrument Modeling nick_white Nick White
dan_curtis Dan Curtis
francesco_masia Francesco Masia
Standardisation anne_plant Anne Plant
john_eliot John Elliott
tn_bhat Talapady Bhat
Social Sciences neil_stephens Neil Stephens
Survey bhavana_harsha Bhavana Harsha
Stem Cell Research phil_stephens Phil Stephens
adam_glen Adam Glen
rachel_jones Rachel Jones
alastair_sloan Alastair Sloan