The Stem Cell Orchestra


The translation of stem cell research to the clinic includes critical issues such as reproducibility and quality assurance of cell lines. At present, the 'practice' of stem cell production remains highly idiosyncratic and requires specific craft like skills.

Doing Science with Music

SCO Diagram

PN_Logo ProtocolNavigator is a that promote reproducibility of biological experiments and reuse of experimental data. Here instead of form filling or workflow building, researchers can emulate their real life laboratory activities and based on the emulation, the design of the experiment is automatically drawn on the canvas as a
OSC_icon Information from ProtocolNavigator was then automatically converted into Open Sound Control (OSC) messages
Action DescriptionMappingIcon & Snippet
What is seed in biological term and how music mapping was done David description goes here Sound_icon    Seed
IncubateWhat is ...
Sound_icon Description of the experiment the experiment.